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Terrace of Endless Springs HC: 4/4 - Sha of Fear HC down!

Game over, we won (again)! Sha of Fear took us 159 wipes, which included some painful wipes on 6, 2, and under 1 percent before we got the finishing blow. The fight was well worth being the last boss of the tier; The length was legendarily long, second phase required a hard balance between add-control and bossdamage and you got throw a ball around with macros! Very entertaining stuff indeed, and the final moments were thrilling, with one wrong global you could send the raid into wipemode. Glad to have killed him, farming awaits!

Heroic: Sha of Fear

Our 1st kill-setup in the screenshot above from left to right;

Reeno - Fury Warrior
Idarani - Affliction Warlock
Shatoya - Shadow Priest
Eyniel - Combat Rogue
Leonid - Holy Paladin
Monketron - Fire Mage
Quetzaolin - Mistweaver Monk
Khavon - Protection Paladin
Silverado - Protection Warrior
Bhoga - Survival Hunter

...and of course in the very front BladderBleed, our mascot(?)

Lei Shi and Tsulong were also downed in the second week which wrapped January up nicely in a big bundle of progress. I don't have much to say about them, Tsulong was maybe a bit harder than Lei Shi, but both relatively easy once you got the handle on them because they were both gimmick fights in different ways. Tsulong healing and Lei Shi damagebuffs.

Heroic: Tsulong, our raid gazing at the bosses ahead

Heroic: Lei Shi

As a final note to this post, I'd like to say something to everyone in the roster for this tier. Through less-than optimal conditions (people leaving and joining mid-progress, not having right classes or using alts for encounters) at times, big thanks to everyone who stuck it out and kept the guild moving forward and got us a respectable rank and good starting positions for Throne of Thunder. This was by no means the "best we can do", but it was damn close to what we could get done with what we had. Let's take a semi-relaxing breather and focus properly on the race for next tier with a wide roster and motivated players. Leonid out.

Heart of Fear HC: 6/6!

One mantidhole cleared! Time flies, and although we have been fighting a somewhat uphill battle with progress this tier, it feels damn good to get the big kills done! Only a few bosses stand between us and the slugfest with Sha of Fear...


The progress on Empress can be for the most part described as a series of damage spikes with a bossphase and another set of damage spikes with an addphase. After switching to 3healing with the nerfs to aforementioned damage spikes for raid, the fight quickly became manageable with the last phase offering very little challenge.

Heroic: Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Terrace of Endless Spring HC: 1/6, non-elite Protectors down

Christmas&New Year breaks are over, time to get back on the progress-horse! In our first progressraid of 2013 no less!

After some initial tweaking and eventual failing, Asani and his slimy shas fell last out of the trio and we can go finish a certain bug monarch in Heart of Fear!

Heroic: Protectors of the Endless (Tsulong snuck into the background, ignore him...)

Heart of Fear HC: 3/6-4/6-5/6, aka. Rings, Adds and Amber!

A quick recap of the last 7 days: 3 progress bosses down in ~100 total tries. Solid speed from us, but 2/3 of the kills also happened on the last raid of the week, what's up with that? In any case we're running out of mantid kingdom soon, only Empress stands in the way of our heroic clear...

First we took out Vizier Zor'lok and his RNG filled room of crap. Even after the most critical nerfs to reduce outright wipe-condition RNG, he still posed us a good challenge in handling the MC, Echos and Force&Verve.
And rings. SO MANY RINGS.

Heroic: Vizier Zor'lok


Next up was Wind Lord Mel'jarak, who deserves the depth of explanation that fits his difficulty level: He was as easy as falling off a log.

Heroic: Wind Lord Mel'jarak


And our final kill for the 7-day spree was Amber-Shaper Un'sok, who stalled us for a few raidnights and sparked some very interesting vent convos that will haunt most of us for a good while :? . Fortunately before our sanity departed for good, we took him down after a respectably fast array of P3-tries and low percentage wipes. And if you read all the way here, I'm letting all my guildies know that I'm not in fact a slacker at uploading news but planned it all out...

Heroic: Amber-Shaper Un'sok

Heart of Fear HC: 2/6 - Blade Lord and Garalon

First off; It's clear that Blade Lord needs a warning sign:

Caution: Do not attempt to dodge tornados while drunk, tired or disoriented. (Especially if you're a paladin healer) May cause massive bursts of anger and/or laughter in your fellow raidmembers and ruin your raid.

Apart from the tornados, Blade Lord fell relatively quickly for us like no-RNG-pure-execution fights tend to. Still, great job on a fast kill to solidify our lead in the progressrace to nigh-unbeatable.

Heroic: Blade Lord Tay'ak

PURPLE RING BAD!After running around for an evening or two with this big bug (I know, hilarious right :?) and having him crush us to death more than we'd like, we ended the raidweek on a high note and gave him the final blow with an amazing time!

Heroic: Garalon

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