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6/6 MSV HC: Will of the Emperor DOWN!

*cough* Here we are! Emerging from a gaspipe-engineers' nightmare victorious! We keep on dancing, HoF heroics await!

Congrats to Innuendo and YOGS for realm #1 and #2 on Elegon! :D

Heroic: Will of the Emperor

5/6 in MSV HC: Spirit Kings and Elegon

And more bosses fall in our wake as we wade through the sea that is tier 14...

Out of the two, Spirit Kings was the bigger struggle. After a lottery of bullshit every pull to get the right spawn-order, we had to overcome serious failboating, sending Curaz into the nether with warlock portals and losing raidnights to RL-issues of varying magnitudes.

Sadly no killshot of Elegon, but he died in 2hours after 15 or so tries on the first night so I think it's a wash.

Heroic: Spirit Kings

3/6 in Mogushan Vaults HC; Heart of Fear normal cleared!

While updates have been scarce, activity has been high!

After some frustrating resets gearing up and setup-swaps, we've taken Gara'jal the trolling gearcheck downtown for a cup of whoop-ass. While yours truly is still seeking an image-editor, you'll have to take my word that this is the HC screenshot!

Heroic: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

We also took a quick tour in the newly-opened Heart of Fear, getting a first look and good experience in the normal-mode in preparation for HCs opening.

Normal: Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Realm First in Challenge Modes!

Introducing our devoted and lightning-fast challenge mode runners!

They achieved gold times in all challenge modes as the first group in the realm, not only earning them a FoS and some of the worlds top times, but sweet transmog gear to boot!

Congratulations to the crazy and awesome team!

Karn - Protection Warrior
Ashr - Restoration Druid
Curaz - Elemental Shaman
Idarani - Affliction Warlock
Jao - Fire Mage

Mogu'Shan Vaults HC: 2/6 - Feng down, curses his fate

Quick update for a quick kill.

Feng the Accursed had his HC version beat by <Kingsfall> in less than 30 tries. Warmups seem to be done now, Gara'jal the gearcheck being the next boss in our path. We're taking a week to gear up for him, expect his trollish figure to be maimed on HC next reset!

This time around, we even remembered to take the killshot! Things are looking up!

Heroic: Feng the Accursed

And here's our first kill video of the boss:

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