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Backlogged updates - HC SoO Part VII/XIV: The early days

Phew, so I heard there was a patch or something almost a month ago? Why didn't I hear about this?! I'm the front page damnit! Time to get some action on here!

In the past weeks our brave team of heroes have been contracted by some pandas into handling some pollution-related problems in their backyard. The things you have to resort to doing when there's nothing else going on.. :?

While the first two jobs were nothing to scoff at, they didn't have a lot in them to tell the children about.

Heroic: Immerseus (a satisfied customer)

Heroic: The Fallen Protectors

Next boss Norushen (or Amalgam of Corruption as that's what we actually fought) was extremely shy to camera and refused to be photographed, but rest assured that both his zergy and nerfed versions were taken care of...

And to keep on the Sha-colored theme, Sha of Pride was up next and he brought a little game of pac-man with him to entertain us! Unfortunately he was just 34 years too late, should've brought that GTA V instead...

Heroic: Sha of Pride (if you really squint you can see Amalgam of Corruption in the background...)

After all that initial clean-up crew business in Pandaria it was time to take a trip to Orgrimmar to see some sights! There was this proto-drake and some towers; fascinating! Babysitting a bunch of whiny factionleaders in a rain of fire and arrows, not so much.

Heroic: Galakras

At the front gate we found a goblin's wet dream materialized into a scorpion/tank/bombcarrier, featuring lasers and sonic blasts! All the bells and whistles didn't help it survive too long though, and think of the waste of good magical sawblades!

Heroic: Iron Juggernaut

And as a final entry, a (sort of) one-shot kill on Dark Shamans! Take that, goth shamans!

Heroic: Dark Shamans

Throne of Thunder HC: 13/13, GG!

It's been a busy few days for Kingsfall!

Our little two-day combo of death took down Lei Shen and immediately following Ra-Den the "bonusboss" in 16 tries...

Lei Shen was a fitting endboss for the tier, with lots of
LIGHTNING-based goodness and difficulty to match, though mostly focused on transitionphases, we enjoyed our resets' worth of tries on him.

With surprising speed, we've managed to catch up a lot in ranks and get our game together for next tier. Good summer and lots of lootdrops to everyone!

Heroic: Lei Shen

Heroic: Ra-Den

Throne of Thunder HC: 11/13, Primordius, Twins and Animus

So I was told the front page should be updated...I don't understand, it's only been 1/4 of a tier since the last one... :oops:

With the one truly
electrifying fight in this instance to go (plus bonus titan), things are drawing to a close in this tier. Roster is starting to look competitive again after early troubles and we've managed to fend off the horde 25man upstarts gunning for our spot as the realm #1. All in a days work for <Kingsfall>, Slackers incĀ©. Time to go practice being a live lightning conductor, sounds like fun!

Here are some of our latest excursions;

Heroic: Primordius

Heroic: Twin Consorts

Heroic: Dark Animus

Throne of Thunder HC: 8/13, Progress ahoy!

Updates have been sparse, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Bosses have been dying, a whole 4 of them, Tortos, Iron Qon, Megaera and Durumu since the last update, and the endboss lurking on his plateau of lightning conductors doesn't seem that far away anymore...

About the bosses, Qon was the most undertuned encounter by far in ToT, compared to its position in the instance. The three others were fairly well balanced in their respective order in the instance. As a summary, all three had a lot of addcontrol and were bosses based on personal performance on high-priority mechanics. Next up: more adds on Primordius!

Here's a couple of group photos!

Heroic: Durumu

Heroic: Iron Qon

Throne of Thunder HC: 4/13, New era of RNG begins!

Here we are: new tier, same woes. While roster-problems plague us once again and good recruits are hard to come by, creative means and mastery of alts allowed us to get a raid-worthy team together most of the time. Against the odds tonight though, we managed to climb back and sneak a Council HC kill into our wednesday farm! Massive congrats to everyone present, now we are a step ahead in the race and can push on to Tortos with confidence!

Heroic: Council of Elders

Some of the more keen-eyed of you might have noticed, the 3 first hc kills are missing their killshots. Those will be added retroactively once they're actually taken...

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