Highmaul: Mythic 7/7!

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Highmaul: Mythic 7/7!

Postby Kingsfall » Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:11 am

The obligatory post of 2015

After the warm-up bosses, our experience in Highmaul consisted of some shrooms with Brackenspore, a few puffs of smoke from ol' Tectus, a good beefy meal at the The Butchers' and some fancy-looking runes and orbs with Ko'ragh the tattoo artist. A few of the kills were frustratingly close on the previous night, only to be finished off swiftly the next day/raid. Imperator was deservingly the toughest nut to crack, ~150 pulls total for a 13+min fight, complete with 4+2 phases and some oh-so-lovely interrupting fun! Regardless, the two-headed bozos fell over just in time to get a few calmer weeks of farming in before the next raid rolls in. Until then...

Wait a minute, is that? OH YES, IT IS! Picture dump time!

Mythic: Imperator Mar'gok (+Cho'gall)

Mythic: Ko'ragh

Mythic: The Butcher

Mythic: Tectus

Mythic: Brackenspore
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